Ads, Podcasts and Promos

We all want to promote our business be it big or small. Here at Radical Sheep Media we can help you do just that. Take a look at the following examples:


ATS Euromaster is a household name.



Frost and Snow is a social enterprise bakery.


Heartlands MediPark wanted a promotional DVD to advertise their new development. We produced it for them. Have a look - Play


Auction house Spink host multi-million Pound auctions each month. We were commissioned to produce informative podcasts allowing experts to talk about the lots and advertise the auctions.


Mememe Fitness wanted to produce custom-made work-out DVDs for women that could be designed to cater for their age and level of fitness. The DVD which we were requested to produce makes up the central core of the Mememe Fitness regime.


Every actor wants to be seen as widely as can be and in the best possible light. Our showreel service helps to bring that about. The product is fully customised to your requirements to make the most of your talents. Click on either of the links below to view recent examples currently out there online doing just that:

Michael Cooke

Campbell Foster

Whether you want to advertise a multinational product or just yourself we can tailor ads, promos or podcasts according to your budget for broadcast, internet or DVD distribution. Use the link below to contact us for more information or a quotation.


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