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We can't reveal too many details about this extended length pilot while we talk to the broadcasters but to whet your appetite in the meantime here are some stills from the shoot and details of the cast.

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Debt collectingThe WhaleWashed up psycho

I don't understandAre you scared?Mission accomplished

Postie 1Postie 2Postie 3

The Whale: Andy Pandini

Mad Ray: Jamie Kenna

Big Joe: Jack Summers

Postie: Sean Connolly

Postie 4Postie 5Most of the Cast

Its crowded in hereHowell Evans is Scobie, Joe Ferrera is Chris The GreekTrio of smart gentlemen

Nice bandanaTouch you up a little...Let me stick this down here...

Click on the name to see more details about the performer.

Dharmander Singh is DC SinghLeon Stewart is RichardJohn Peters is DaiJoe Ferrera is Chris The Greek

DC Singh: Dharmander Singh

Richard: Leon Stewart

Dai: John Peters

Chris the Greek: Joe Ferrera

Gareth Wyn-Jones is DS DanceKeith Flood is Porno RoyZahra Browne is TinaHowell Evans is Scobie

DS Dance: Gareth Wyn-Jones

Porno Roy: Keith Flood

Tina: Zahra Browne

Scobie: Howell Evans

Guy Henderson is Tony The TapJoe Ferrera is Chris The Greek, Mike Haywar is Railway DaveOh my good God

Tony the Tap: Guy Henderson

Railway Dave: Mike Hayward

Steven Tilson: Campbell Foster

Crew details upon request!

Campbell Foster is Steven Tilson - The worlds's dullest bank manager

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